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Marina & Boat parking facilities at Moycarn


Location: Moycarn, Creagh, Ballinalsoe

Date: Oct '05- May '07

Role: Main Contractor


Joe Kenny Plant Hire was the main contractor in constructing a large marina and boat parking facilities at Moycarn, Creagh, Ballinalsoe. The contract involved:

  • Dredging of existing river in vicinity of the marina using long reach excavators
  • Construction of Marina walls using very large rock armour supplied by the main contractor. This work was carried out carefully using large excavators and skilled operators to ensure the walls were both solid, secure and to the correct alignment.
  • Excavation of the marina using large excavators and dumpers.
  • Driving of circular piles using special pile driving equipment attached to an excavator. The floating jetties are attached to these piles.
  • Overseeing of the installation of the floating jetties by a specialist supplier.
  • Construction of  access road down to the lodge and marina.
  • Landscaping of areas around the lodge and marina.

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