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Croom Distributor Road - Phase 2 - Co. Limerick

Bridges & Roads

Client: Limerick City and County Council

Location: Skagh, Croom, Co. Limerick

Date: March 2020 to September 2021

Role: Main contractor & PSCS


Croom Distributor Road (Phase 2) site is located in an urban area in the vicinity of the townland of Croom, County Limerick, to the east of the N20 National Primary Road.

The project involves:

  • Construction of North Distributor Road (DR01) (approx. 350m) and associated infrastructure works.
  • Construction of a new Access Road (AR01) (approx. 500m) to the proposed post primary school and associated infrastructure works (Earthworks, fencing, drainage, utilities, road markings and signage, lighting and pedestrian & cyclist facilities) and the construction of a number of culverts.
  • Site Clearance – Site Clearance of 25,500m2 of Green field site
  • Earthworks – Importing of approximately 12,500m3 of Class 1A, 6N & 6F2 material to form embankment and road base for new road
  • Traffic Management – Temporary traffic management on existing N20 Limerick Cork road to tie-in new road to existing road and tie-in new services to existing services. Also installation of temporary 3 way traffic lights to manage traffic at busy junction for construction of roundabout at this junction.
  • Fencing – Installation of 1330 metres of Post & mesh fencing, 150 metres of weldmesh fencing and associated gateways at access points
  • Drainage – Installation of 2500 metres of Storm & Foul drainage from 150mm Dia to 600mm Dia and associated manholes, outfalls etc
  • Utilities including Eir, Spare, ESB and streetlighting ducting throughout site
  • Full Road Construction – Full road construction of approximately 5000m2 of new surface to TII specification and re-surfacing of existing road at tie-ins including plaining out existing surface
  • Road markings – Road marking to TII specification throughout site
  • Road Signage – Signage on existing road and new road to TII Specification
  • Lighting – Installation of 60 No. new streetlights 12 metres in height throughout site
  • Pedestrian & cyclist facilities – Segregated footpath & cycle lane on both sides of carriageway clearly de-lineated and marked
  • Construction of new watermains – Installation of approximately 800 metres 50mm, 100mm, 150mm & 300mm Watermain in HDPE & ductile iron to Irish Water specification. Includes Hydrants, Sluice Valves, Air Valves, Scour Valves and Water meters and associated chambers. All constructed to Irish Water details.
  • Construction of a number of culverts – Installation of box culverts of up to 2.5x 2.5 metres with associated excavations, lifting, sealing, jointing, waterproofing and backfilling.
  • Construction of the Crecora Road Roundabout and associated approaches
  • Structural Concrete – Construction of reinforced concrete headwalls, for culverts and drainage outfalls and installation of base for ESB substation
  • Structural Steelwork – Installation of steel ladders for manholes greater than 2 metres deep as per IW specifications
  • Protection of Steelwork against Corrosion – Galvanising of steel ladders for Foul Sewer manholes
  • Waterproofing for Structures – Waterproofing of box culverts in accordance with TII specification
  • Construction of 400m of 2.0 metres high double faced masonry walls.
  • CCTV Survey of Road Drainage Systems and Foul Sewers and associated manholes
  • Installation of Street Furniture including signs, bollards, lighting, ESB pillars, stone plaques etc
  • Landscaping works – Landscaping of approximately 3000m2 of grass

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