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Fior Uisce Flood Alleviation Scheme

Flood Relief & Drainage

Client: Clare County Council

Project Designer & Clients Representative: JB Barry & Partners / Byrne Looby Partners

Location: Fior Uisce, Gort Road, Ennis, Co. Clare

Date: March 2015 - December 2015

Contract Value: 800,000.00

Role: Main Contractor & PSCS


With a track record in successful flood defence schemes Kenny Civils & Plant Ltd were appointed main contractor and project supervisor for construction stage (PSCS) for the Fior Uisce Flood Alleviation Scheme. In 2009 several houses in the Fíor Uisce estate, Gort Road, Ennis were flooded by the River Fergus (Minor). Flooding at Fíor Uisce is reported to have occurred previously in 2007 and 2008 and again in August 2009. The proposed works are intended to alleviate flooding at Fior Uisce. 

The works include:

  • Site clearance, site preparation and finishing work;
  • Demolition of existing earth embankments and construction of new flood protection embankments;
  • Construction of new flood protection reinforced concrete retaining wall;
  • Construction of new buried seepage barrier constructed with sheet piles;
  • Construction of storm water interceptor drains, kerbside channels, foul sewers, and storm water pumping station at Fíor Uisce Housing Estate;
  • A storm water pumping station was constructed beside the wall to pump storm water from Fior Uisce and the surrounding areas into the river. Diversions of some existing services was required, some of these diversions were temporary and some permanent. Upgrading of some of the existing services was required as well as new sections of storm water drains and foul sewers.
  • Alteration of foul sewer and domestic connections;
  • Construction of 3m wide pavement ramp across embankment;
  • Electricity supply, mechanical and electrical plant, control kiosks, plinths and ducting associated with the storm pumping stations;
  • Telecommunication, watermain, gas and sewer diversions and ducting;
  • Electricity substation plinth, mini-pillars and underground diversion of overhead ESB lines;
  • Installation of non-return valve on storm water outfalls;
  • Protection of existing structures and services. Reinstatement of all roads, footpaths and road markings disturbed during the works;
  • Removal, storage and reinstatement/replacement of street furniture;
  • Ecological monitoring works.
  • Structural Surveys of all properties within 20 metres of the works.
  • A new embankment was also constructed at the nearby Auganteeroe Housing Estate which required the importation of approximately 5,000 m3 of Soil.
Although testing was required at every stage of the works the real test for this project was the heavy rainfall in December 2015/January 2016 which led to extremely high river levels throughout Ireland. Ennis was no different and the flood defence scheme which had just been completed successfully prevented flooding to the properties which had been flooded in 2009 and all other properties which it had been designed to protect. 

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